NL Old English Sheepdog Association  

OES puppies
Old English Sheepdogs are also known as Bobtails
Bobtail, Old English Sheepdog
Old English Sheepdogs are friendly family dogs
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Workshop schaapdrijven Oosterheerdt

De NLOESA organiseerde een weekend workshop schapendrijven, 20 leden deden mee met hun OES.

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Lente wandeling Drunense Duinen

Op 21 maart start de lente, dus tijd om te genieten met héél veel OES!

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Nieuwjaarsduik 2022

Op 16 januari gingen we volgens oud Hollands gebruik naar de zee...

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 As a member of the NLOESA:

You can join all our events like

fun events, workshops,  seminars, etc;

You'll receive  (at least) 3x a year the digital newsletter;

You support the Club, and together we can stand up for our breed:

The Old English Sheepdog!

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Workshops, Get-togethers, etc 

There's a lot to do and meet eachother. Do you join us?


Breeders & puppies

You are looking for a puppy...

But how to find a responsible breeder? The NLOESA can help! 

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