NL Old English Sheepdog Association  

Old English Sheepdog Dog Show Data

Date Show & link* Location Judge
20/21 Mrt 2021 IDS kv Rijnland  Hazerswoude-dorp N/A
24/25 Apr 2021 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Zwolle N/A
7 Mei 2021 VDH- Europa Sieger  Dortmund N/A
13 Mei 2021 NDS Joe KAT (Gr 1)  Arnhem N/A
19 Juni 2021 IDS De Utrecht  Utrecht Mrs M. Ten Cate (NL)
4 Juli 2021 IDS Breda  Breda  N/A
18 Juli 2021 Crufts  Birmingham Postponed/ Uitgesteld
7 Aug 2021 OESCN KCM  Gorinchem Mr Mark James (UK)
7/8 Aug 2021 IDS Pinkstershow  Gorinchem Mrs R. Lochs-Romans (NL)
4/5 Sept 2021 IDS Rotterdam  Rotterdam tbd
30 Sept 2021 FCI World Dog Show  Brno  Mr Ray Owen
31 Dec 2021 FCI European Dog Show  Budapest  Mrs Barbara Gillant (UK)
3/6 Juni 2022 Euro-OES 2022  Miesbach (Ger)
Reuen: Michaela Hall (UK)
Teven: Helen Cousins (UK)
 23/26 Juni 2022 FCI World Dog Show  Madrid  tbd
 23/26 Aug 2023 FCI World Dog Show  Geneva  tbd

For results, please visit our friends who do all the effort to share all European show results at: 

* For accurate last info: always check the website of the organisation, or the website of Raad van Beheer.











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