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Program Champion Club Show weekend:

Saturday 21-05-2022 Meet & Greet

  • Starting 15.00hr: Welcome to our guests and the judge.
  • Option to visit the Hertog Jan Brewery tour (also in German and English) and taste some special beers at taverne "De Proeverij". Or bring a visit to the famous Castle Gardens, explore the historical old village Arcen and enjoy an ice cream at Clevers, etc.
  • Informal BBQ at "De Proeverij" in the evening.

Sunday 22-05-2022 Champion Club Show NLOESA

Judge: Susanna Malacrida, IT (OES kennel NobilPazzi) 

  • 08.00 uur Showground open
  • 10.00 uur Start judging
  • 12.00 uur Lunch break
  • 13.00 uur Continue judging
  • 15.30 uur BIS judging
  • 16.00 uur Club breeding stock qualification (only for Dutch NLOESA members)
  • 17.00 uur End of show
  • 19.00 uur Aftershow-diner buffet at "De Proeverij"
Enter the show and sign up for the BBQ on Saturday & buffet on Sunday via: 

NLOESA Champion Club Show 

Location: Kruisweg 43, 5944EM, Arcen

Hertog Jan, De Proeverij, Arcen (NL)













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