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    Old English Sheepdog Dog Show Data

    Date Show & link* Location Judge
    19- 05- 2023

    European OES Club Winner Show

     Herning (DK)

    Birgitte Schjøth (DK)

    20 -05- 2023

    FCI European Dog Show

     Herning (DK)

    Mr. Chr. Jouanchiat (F)

    21 -05- 2023

    Winner Show Herning

     Herning (DK)

    Mrs. Ch. Høier (DK)

    26/28 -05- 2023 Euro-OES 2023  Ribbeauvillé (FR)

    Mrs Anne ESPOSITO (UK)

    Mr Jean-Paul THUAL (F)

    18 - 06 - 2023 NLOESA Champion Show  Arcen (NL) Jesper Ravn (DK)
    23 - 08- 2023 Grand Prix Show  Geneva  Rony Doedijns (NL)
    24 -08 - 2023 FCI World Dog Show  Geneva  Mark James (UK)
    25 - 08- 2023 Specialty OES Show  Geneva Christina Bailey (UK)

    For results, please visit our friends who do all the effort to share all European show results at: 

    * For accurate last info: always check the website of the organisation, or the website of Raad van Beheer.

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