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    Last year October we (some serious breeders in NL) started the discussion and raised questions about the policy regarding the new KC & government rules. Most breeders already left the old club during the last years. But now the lack of answers/ acting for our breed since many years, nor standing up for pedigree dogs in NL for was just the limit. This is the moment we should stand up for our pedigree dog... and stand up for our Old English Sheepdogs!

    That was the main reason to raise the NLOESA: NL Old English Sheepdog Association

    We're looking forward to align and cooperate with other EU breed clubs in France, Germany, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Belgium.... etc. Our breeding programs goes across many boarders, and that's why we hope to work with all EU breed clubs to work on 1 heath standard!

    join us, or follow us via  or contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


    • Specialty Show

      Specialty Show

      Specialty Champion Show June 9th '24
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    • Herding clinic

      Herding clinic

      Workshop to see if your OES has a talent to work..
    • Pedigree dogs

      Pedigree dogs

      NLOESA is official member of the Dutch Kennel Club



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      NLOESA Best in Show

      Op 09 juni 2024 organiseerde de NLOESA haar 3e Kampioensclubmatch in Arcen.


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      But how to find a responsible breeder? The NLOESA can help! 

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