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Introduction - Judge Jesper Ravn, Bubbleton Denmark

First of all, I would like very much to thank the NLOESA for the invitation to judge your Club show 2023, I am both honoured and very excited about this, and looking very much forward. I am 54 years old and have been married to my partner Klaus since 1990, we live in rural country side approx 45 min south of Copenhagen.

Ch. Top Secret Kehr Fully Maid
Ch. Top Secret Kehr Fully Maid

As a child I grew up without dogs, my parents were too busy they said, however my cousins family had two Old English Sheepdogs that I adored, spend a lot of time with them and told myself back then, once I buy my first house I want an OES - when I met Klaus and we actually bought our first house, it was time for a dog, Klaus had grown up with Boxers and suggested one, however I said we have to have an OES, and so it all began….

Over the next 15 years we had 6, and through the Danish OES Club I met some lovely people that suggested dog shows, I had never heard of dog show nor been to one, still to this day remember our first time, we went without dog, just to watch and get to meet people.

The reception we got from the other OES exhibitors was phenominal, such dedication, knowledge and willingness to teach, something that seems to have almost gone today…. I got hooked.

Our most succesfull dog was Ch. Top Secret Kehr Fully Maid, bred in Holland. James was a lovely dog and became top OES in Denmark for a few years.

However - fate wanted that I saw a Puli, and I simply fell in love, I spend many years learning about this breed, travelled to meet breeders looking for the right lines to begin my line with.

From left to right: Imperial Aus Dem Elbe Urstromtal,
Babiton Moet,  Top Secret Kehr Fully Maid

Again, I was blessed with finding mentors who took me in, taught me about the breed and it’s history, the more knowledge I got the more I knew this was to be my breed, the first litter of Bubbleton Puli was born in 1999, and the bitch we kept from that is directly behind all Bubbleton Pulis.

Allready back then I made a pact with myself, ONLY to judge breeds that I actually care about, I have no intention to become an allrounder - I love judging dogs, I just don’t love all breeds, I am licensed to judge 20 breeds, primarily group 1 and group 8, with the TT as the only group 9.

I suppose I am very old fashioned in this respect, as the trend for judges nowadays is to become allrounder as fast as possible to get invitations to judge all over the world, that’s not my game.

I have judged OES in several European countries, and in the USA.

Thank you again for the invitation, I look forward to meeting you all and judging your beautiful dogs.

Sincerely yours,

Jesper Ravn



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